THAT time of year again...

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Yes, it's THAT time of year again! While I'm no fan of the commercial aspects of Christmas and am a non practicing anything...other than trying to be a good human being...Christmas is part of my upbringing.
It is frantic, fun to see the sheer joy that is part of it for many people but the sadness and melancholy that is also so much of it for others.
I love the part where time is spent with other people, the classic 'catching up' that is so much part of this time of year irrespective of faith or religion. I recently had one of those catch ups with some Afghani friends, the kindest gentlest people I know who are proud Australians now and have given us back so much more in love, thoughtfulness and humanity than we ever had reason to expect. I am richer as a person for knowing these gentle folk and our country is enriched for embracing them.
We have both our adult children out of the country and will be leaving to explore the southern part of the North Island of New Zealand, staying and playing in Wellington. The objective...relax!! Then try Kiwi fish and chips (look out fried oysters and mussels), unpasteurized cheeses, ice cream ...maybe the odd bit of lamb...and some wine...

To you and yours from me and mine, have a wonderful end of year and celebrate being with friends and family no matter what the occasion.

Colourful threads galore

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Still colouring my world with threads. These are all part of the same family.

African dress resist unpicking

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Hard to see... WIP shot of unpicking the resist threads in this African indigo fabric. Each of the unpicked rows is about 3mm ( 1/8in ) wide when done.

Shot of fairly well fully unpicked resist...This will be a work in progress as each time I look I have missed some. The pattern is Hotpatterns Montpelier which went together in a heartbeat...just as well as it would never have been made if I was still unpicking threads!