Road blocks and interruptions

Nothing like major house renovations to interrupt good intentions. Our house has 1 less bedroom, the internal bathroom and laundry have also gone to renovator’s heaven or wherever they go to.
Tomorrow my oven and pantry join the demolition list as well. So last bake tonight in my terrible oven…home made chorizo sausage rolls with an adobo sauce in stunning puff pastry (thank you Careme pastry!!). I have been preserving plums from 1 of our 2 trees as well, so will whip up something dessert like up to celebrate the end of my least loved oven for a long time. One of the less dubious pleasures of buying a pre loved house.
We have boxes of ‘stuff’ everywhere again! But I am anticipating a brand new kitchen and a new bathroom with some eagerness…a new laundry doesn’t toot my horn in quite the same way. And appliances of my choice!!!!
Add to that and my continuing tribulations with atrial fibrillation and trying to sort it out and then add upcoming surgery for my husband and my tutorials are on hold until (hopefully) the middle of February.
It could get you down if you let it, but luckily I am not a depressive type personality…doesn’t mean I don’t whinge about things, but you have to laugh at the obstacles thrown in your path and work out just how to overcome them!
My image today is of some detail of a collar I made at the serger/overlocker , inspired by a wonderful fungus I had seen. Another favoured piece


2016…another learning curve

2016 started with me and a big learning curve. Received a Mac Book Air for Christmas…a huge and unexpected surprise. But a totally different system to Windows which I have worked with all my computer life. I have got my head around it pretty well, but I have always created my technical drawings in Word (I’ll Showcase one a bit later on to show you what I am talking about) and this is giving me a great big challenging headache. Given that I’m not feeling a 100% with AF (Atrial Fibrillation) back in my life, I feel like I am slower than usual. Getting there though.
Today’s image is part of a quilt that I created some years ago…Fire and Ice…all pieced and embellished at the overlocker/serger


The Beginning of the End

Well, 2016 is ready to burst into life.
2015 has been another year of challenge and change. Moving home after 31 years in the same place had its own challenges as well as a being a major downsize at the same time. We moved to Katoomba in the Upper Blue Mountains from Glenbrook in the Lower Blue Mountains. From a temperate to a cool climate…and with no regrets to date. Deciding to do phase 1 renovations…MY CAVE aka Sewing Studio was our first reno. It is now ‘sort of’ operational, as it is now the shared ablutions block for the builders as we undertake phase 2 renovations (can you hear how much I like that????). We currently have no internal bathroom, laundry and are minus 1 bedroom, and mid January we will probably have our kitchen being ripped out. Luckily we are in a great tourist area with fabulous restaurants and cafes and any visitors have tons of choices for accommodation.
Could be worse!
2016 is a positive place for us to be looking to as we both (hubby and I) have a few ‘issues’ on the health front that need addressing…getting older is definitely not for the fainthearted.
Looking forward to doing some sewing tutorials via this blog.
So as out 2015 comes to a close, I wish you all a wonderful Happy and Healthy Happy New Year.
See you in 2016


Books I’ve written

Just a bit of historical perspective regarding my overlocker/serger credentials. In addition to these titles, I have written a lot of  articles for magazines in both Australia and the US. I tend to be at the textile art/creative end of the stitching spectrum but like a few of us more mature sewers out there (I positively refuse to call my self a sewist!!!), have an extensive background in a range of sewing arenas. In fact, I started out teaching heirloom sewing and machine embroidery.I just happened to not be overwhelmed by the overlocker/serger…after all, it is only a machine!!
Next year I will be starting some step by step tutorials to help you learn and love your machine.

B0000532 B0000735 - Copy B0000736

Bags of Fun

I made the fabric in this bag, at the overlocker/serger.
Many people who saw it initially thought it was crocheted. The machine embroidery was as close as I could get to reproducing the flowers in the purse handle, an antique French bakelite that was and is in immaculate condition. It originally had a body made out of navy blue grosgrain that was very tatty when I found it. I lined it with a pale pink silk satin and love the outcome


Twisted and Curled

I am gradually adding images of my serger/overlocker art pieces.
Sometimes the end product is only as good as the parts and these are some of the textural accents I love throwing into my work. These curlicues were a mistake that I made and liked so much, I actively worked at reproducing them.
Fun and nonsense has a big place in my life. I am a very organic creator, cook,  knitter and crocheter (??), a little less so when I am garment sewing, but when it comes to adornments…just call me more feral than formal.B0000564